Financial Investigations and accounts checks

Over the last six years we have helped a range of businesses with financial investigations including;

• A large FTSE hospitality company who required help in sifting through documentation as part of a financial investigation

• The UK owners of a large European managed hotel were concerned that the monthly P&L results were not an accurate reflection of the hotels actual trading position.
We reviewed the previous three months P&L accounts and discovered that the service charge was being added to restaurant sales, thus inflating revenues

• A local authority that required help with preparing a catering tender;

Barrow Borough Council have a number of venues throughout the town where the catering and bars are out sourced. These include the Forum, which is a theatre and events venue, a museum and a leisure centre.

The contractor in place had been running the food and beverage concessions for approximately 20 years.

The remit for Hospitality Audit Services Ltd was to work out a trading account for the catering and bar activities so that a market rent could be assessed.

Sometimes you may require short term help to resolve an issue. We can carry out financial investigations and checks, interrogate accounts and generally provide an additional service to your current employees who may be too busy for a one off project.