Brand Standards

Building and developing your own Brand Standards should be number one on your list of priorities to ensure a high standard of great service. It is basis and reference point for staff at all levels to work from it is what makes the difference between developing a level of loyalty from your customers and staff and falling below expectation and creating a disengaged workforce.

Ever wondered why the big hospitality brands achieved what they have, or tried to work out how you can stay in a Marriott in London and have exactly the same level of service and quality as the Marriott in Tbilisi – the answer is they have developed their own brand standards that are applied across their network of properties.

This is a simple yet complex point of reference that can be applied to any customer-focused business no matter what how big or small the organization is. We have developed, implemented, coached and audited brand standards with some of the biggest names in hospitality.

Developing your own Brand Standards offers;

• Strengthen the guest journey
• Consistency of quality
• Increased trust and loyalty by customer
• Staff loyalty and retention
• Standardized staff training
• Accountability
• Control costs
• Reduce complaints

Whilst not complete, the above list indicates how important Brand Standards will be for you business.

From our initial meeting to completion of your Brand Standards Manual, we will personalise and tailor your programme by combining our industry leading knowledge and experience with the requirements of your business.