Test Purchasing & Integrity Checks

Theft occurs in 80% of hospitality businesses, a staggering 72% of theft occurs in the F&B operations of hotels, restaurants and bars.

Is your stock report always in deficit, have you noticed a steady decline in revenue, surprisingly low takings when you know you have been busy? You probably have thieves in your business.

I most cases, the team members we identify are not career criminals but opportunist thieves. In an environment of low wages, unsociable hours and the unsupervised handling of cash by even entry level staff can all too often be too tempting for even the most honest individual.

Many managers and business owners come to us reporting these types of problems asking what can be done. They have fitted CCTV, up scaled the security of the POS privileges of their staff and completed spot cash audits, but all of these countermeasures share a single trait – predictability.

We can beat this trend, we work covertly as a customer in your business and create a situation where the thief in your business has the opportunity to strike. The thief in your business may only be operating on a low level, but multiplied over the course of a week, month or year this can have a huge impact on the financial stability of your business.

We will capture the evidence to enable you to take back control.

See our leaflet on Test Purchasing by Test Purchasing Clicking Here